09 April, 2006

things I should do instead of writing this entry

1. Go to a chiropractor- but it's sunday so I'll have to wait. Even after a night spent on the rug in my living room this does NOT feel good.
2. Look at rep. for class on Tuesday and learn "Elfenlied".
3. Start learning my things for the summer for "serious" now that I finally have the most updated version of all scores and languages that will be used for Nozze.
4. Learn the carmina solo for the concert.
5. Stop being a lazy fool and learn and memorize all of the music that I need to memorize for the summer.

It's not like I have anything ELSE to do today....the only thing I can do is sit in this chair in mild pain or lie on my back in somewhat less mild pain and LISTEN and LEARN the music that I'm supposed to know by mid-June.
Two months.
About two hundred pages.

I can doooo eeeeet!

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