10 April, 2006


I know that no one knows that I write this or knows who I am or gives a hoot about what happens in my daily life, but still I'm not going to reveal ALL details. I'll just describe some absolutely inexcusable behavior that I was the unfortunate recipient of this afternoon.

In order to graduate with a certain degree from a certain school this May, I have to take a certain comp test. The director of the program has been NOT here for the whole year. He is never in the building, teaches privately and at another big university an hour away, and spends every weekend in a certain city, living a certain lifestyle, which, if the school found out about as easily as I and my friends found out about through a very quick online search to a very 'interesting' dating website- pics included- someone would be disciplined. I am not judging him or anything he chooses to do in his free time, but when it impedes his position of authority, that crosses the line.

Today the graduates-to-be received an email from said director explaining that our comp test would be in exactly one month and two days (last year, they were notified by the professor 3 months in advance of this date). Fine. I'm not going to kill myself studying anyway. EXCEPT that just last night after hours on the phone, orbitz.com, and other ticket travel websites, I decided that the certain day that this exam would be given would be the day that I travel to a Certain State where I will be a Certain Resident Artist next year. This specific weekend is the only weekend that I can go scout out apartments, AND see the last opera production of the season in Certain State, before I begin a Certain Summer Program.

So I VERY politely wrote director an email asking if
a. I could take the test when I returned
b. I could take the test early
c. I could find ANOTHER proctor/professor to give me the exam at a different time.
d. I was VERY sorry to have caused this, but on the short notice combined with these plans, bla bla bla, I'm sorry. Thanks, me.

Ten minutes later I get this:

No, absolutely not. I have no intention of giving the exam at a different time to accommodate a conflict in your, or anyone elses, schedule.

It is not reasonable for me to have to make this sort of accommodation. Sorry, but that's my final word.

(Notice that he does not even address me by name).
Now, this from a person who I've spoken RARELY do, never made any trouble for, who even WROTE me a recommendation stating that I was the best artist in my current program, and hoping that I fully get the funding I am requesting for this and that...

AND THE KICKER- he CC'ed MY original email and this response to my OPERA DIRECTORS! Who have NOTHING to do with this program (except that they are on faculty), and who I would not have involved anyway, nor would I have gone to them to complain because they of all people have the LEAST say in whether I get to take this exam on another day?

Bordering on the ridiculous? Yes, I'd say so.
So I feel--well, hurt, surprised, betrayed, mad, and any other list of variable adjectives that could be put toward describing how I reacted when I received his curt reply and saw the CC's.

Now even if I DO change my plans and stay here on the day of the exam, I'm not taking it based on my own reaction to this situation. If they don't want to give a degree to someone who they have invested THOUSANDS of dollars in over the past two years, because of one administrator who is clearly in the wrong in this situation, so be it. I have somewhere to be next year anyway.

Now, I would have accepted an email that said, Unfortunately I can't reschedule. Sorry.
Or- G, I cannot reschedule the exam just because of one conflict.
Or- G, if you find another proctor you can take the exam on a different date.

I don't know- am I overreacting? Should I not pursue this?
My director who got the email saw me tonight and was like "WHAT was that about?" Why did he send me that? etc. etc. Totally not understanding what he was trying to do or why he needed that information.
He thinks I should take the emails, print them out, and go above the director's head to try and be able to take the test on another day.
I'm not looking for an apology. I'm already too disgusted with this behavior. I just don't want to take the exam on that day no matter what.


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