17 April, 2006


It's that time again-- I'm about to break out all my spring/summer clothes, and then I realize I've had the same favorite pair of whatever it is for over 2 years. And every end of summer I say, next year I'll give this away. And here we are again and I want to keep them.
Well, I went outlet shopping this past week and found a few things so I know that I can replace.
But speaking of clothes in general...what has happened with sizing in the past 5 years?
I swear, even my SHOE size has gotten smaller.
I fit into a J Crew dress size 2 with NO problem--and I know that just ain't true.
Ok, dresses maybe a 4 with some zipper issues. Pants- sure- between a 4 and a 6 if I'm at Gap or Express.... usually I just get a Junior size 7 from some trashy Penny's or Kaufmann's.

So this isn't any real news, since people have been talking about the sizing at Old Navy and the like for a long time, but for the first time, I bought an 84 dollar dress that I loved (NOT only due to the fact that I wear it in a size 2--I also love it and want to hold it and put it next to me on my pillow when I sleep).

So much for outlet shopping and then wanting the ONLY thing that's not on sale there.


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