23 July, 2008

tanning and auditioning

Used up 2 spray bottles of spf at the beach over the past 3 days, and did some 'mental' practicing of my pieces.

Tomorrow a LITTLE more beach, followed by real practicing, followed by weekend family fun, followed by an audition.

It will be low key, I'm pretty sure. A hearing..just like last year. Since no specific rep. was mentioned I'll be bringing the hits.
Probably start with DurchZ maybe?
I started with Zerb last year and they requested V2 of Doll- both of which went well and got me through to the next level of an intl. competition.

Don't know who the pianist will be yet (still trying to set that up)...so I'm not going to risk the Zerb unless they are more than comfortable with it.

And who can complain with a Mozart piece that shows everything that needs to be shown?
Then the question is, what do I add for French? Chacun/Fee/Olympia? Certainly not the lengthy Lakme.

Of course English is English, and the question with Italian is whether to use another young/character piece like Oscar, or to use a leading role piece like Rosina or Norina or Linda.

I'll probably have 4 choices of rep. sheets and decide within a minute of entering the room, but what else is new?

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