09 July, 2008

closing night

Our final performance was on Monday night, bringing an end to my almost 4 weeks here. We have certainly been busy, and I have had a lot of fun.
The performance was great again. The temperature rose about 20 degrees from opening night's breezy/showers outside, so we all walked into the theater already baking, but we kept the energy high, and the show was another success.

At the cast/company party afterward we all said our goodbyes, then a majority of the cast continued to hang out until 4:30am, and then I woke up at 8:30am to leave!

One 8 hour drive later and I'm back to unpack, repack, and get everything organized for my upcoming vacation in the sand and sun (with a Red Sox hat on and plenty of sunscreen).

I'm attempting to pack for 20 days in a carry-on in addition to bringing 8 outfits from BabyGap and GapKids for the little ones abroad. I think it can be done.

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Susan said...

Congratulations on a successful run!! We had our orchestra dress on Tuesday and it was one technical problem after another. Of course I wrote all about it. ;)
We open tomorrow!
Good luck packing.