25 July, 2008

pre-audition coaching

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful coach yesterday. I haven't sung for her in quite while--actually, probably since I sang in her summer program 4 yrs. ago and then a few more coachings in NY, but I've run into her in the city every now and then.

I set this up as a pre-audition coaching..to get me back into the swing of things and prepare for Sunday's audition.

Things went really well. Easy warm up for about 15 minutes before the coaching, and then we were off.

DurchZ- lovely lines, lovely lovely lovely. Even from Middle, high, low, whatever. Who needs to write about what went well.
What to pay more attention to: Macht das (the low to high connection), Tagen (low to high with ease) Weicht- (Sharps and resolved note- sing higher in the note)

Oscar- Shows a nice middle after I've already sung high, so take out the interpolated D. Ok, I suppose I can part with it--even though I was allowed to do it in performance.
Differentiate notes more but keep legato every time I sing a B or A and back to B--basically the words Saper, Oscar, Pieno, Ma pur--etc.

Rosina- Suggested taking out the final high F and instead blooming on the C..ok, I have to think about that one because I really really really think that by the end she's so wound up and excited that it does merit the final high note--I'll consider it.
Take MORE time everytime I have the opportunity to do a 'laughing' coloratura run.

All in all, good feedback, encouraging and informative. Also asked when I'd be auditioning for the Met. zomg. haha. (soon?)

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