10 July, 2008


Four more days until I leave!
What does that mean I have done so far?
Half unpacked, half packed, thumbed through music and debated whether I want to take it with me, mostly watched Law and Order, mostly been in denial about possibly having to check a bag (too many cute outfits from BabyGap for the little ones).

Yesterday at the mall (I'm ok with buying things for other people, so I spent an hour and a half at the Gap buying 7 outfits for the kids), I suddenly felt the urge to visit all of the teenybopper stores that I used to shop at..like Wet Seal, Forever21, etc. etc.- cheap clothes, poorly made, last one or two seasons, very trendy and at the moment and all under $15 or so.

I had all this stuff in my hands that I wanted to buy--cute summer dresses, some tanks, short shorts...and then I put it all back. Yep, that's how I roll. If I can't convince myself that I need it so badly, I won't buy it. (note- this does NOT happen with gowns or fancy dresses). So- good for my credit card, bad for the economy and my general summer ensembles.

Still, I'm assuming that a majority of the upcoming 20 or so days I'll be in a bathing suit and whatever cover up from the sun I take with me.

Things I'm pining after that I probably won't have before I leave:
A Canon digital rebel Xt. (that's nothing new--I've wanted one for a while now)

An iphone! But listen to this insanity-- I have a number from a certain 'region' (where I went to undergrad and had my first cell phone), in which I no longer live. IF I buy a phone in the "NY" region, they will NOT be able to port my number. IF I drive 4 hours to my 'home' region, they can port my number.

What is up with THAT?
I am most certainly NOT changing my cell number (although I'm slightly tempted to do so and just see how many people that are on it right now I would actually transfer into the new phone).
Do I give up the best Boston number ever just to have a phone before I leave?

Decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

There's room on the new phone for all your contacts. And it's a simple sync from your address book to your new iPhone. You need the phone. It is life and love and joy.

me said...

I know, I know..I neeeed one. I just didn't need the lines this morning. I can handle the wait until I return in August. Little Ms. Patience...I hope!