23 April, 2007

yay tax return!

I just checked my savings account and I have received both my state and federal tax return!
My account actually looks like it did at the beginning of September when I moved here with actual money to spend, stocks to invest in, and savings to make!

But what will I do with it?
Stocks, RothIRA and hsbc savings account.
Sometimes I forget that I have 'thousands' of dollars in places that I can't really access right now, but in an emergency or big life "thing" I could get at it with no penalty.

So it just looks like I'm poor when I miss my capital one credit card payment by ONE day, am charged 35 bucks penalty fee, AND end up having to pay 3thousand bucks in a day because of all of my flights to Europe this summer.

OK, better get started on researching the next hot stock.

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