09 April, 2007

last opera o' the season

Tomorrow we begin rehearsals for the last opera of the season.
Do I know my part? Well, I do in English! But that won't help me too much when I'm singing recits in Italian tomorrow at the run-through.

I spent this morning emptying out my bank account to pay for what will be probably the most productive summer I've had all of my life in terms of language immersion. I hope it's worth it as much as I hope my career travel abroad in the near future.

I'm a bit nervous about sending that large of a check in the mail, so I paid the extra 20bucks to send it priority with tracking and signatures and all that--and if they don't like it on the other end--well TOO BAD!

Plus, I learned new things at the bank today about getting a transfer of funds in Euros, versus wiring money.

First is 15 bucks, second is 45! First is immediate, 2nd can take up to a week!

No thanks! I'll stick with option number one and hope that the money gets there!

On the personal life front, things got really rocky last night until about 2am. And now it's ok again..for now. Maybe.
It's this long distance. Don't try it kids. Especially not for 4 years. Unless you have a really really great plan for life and a lot of patience.

On the holy-crap-what-am-i-doing-with-my-life-next-year front,
I my summer plans are pretty much 100% concrete.

I leave here the 14th. Arrive in NYC for competitions the 16th. Sing for another competition in the midwest the 21st. And yet another one in the midwest the 24th.
Leave for home-country-motherland on the 26th.
Leave for summer immersion and audition tour on June 22nd.
And return to the states for my best friend's wedding on Jul.28th.
That's all folks. That's my exciting summer.

And then the next season? The rest of the year?
Ok, return to current-yap as a PRINCIPAL artist, move to NYC for 2.5months (cooooool!) and do as many auditions for mainstage and yaps and raps as I can...while also I SUPPOSE getting SOME sort of temp job (cringe) or other project to work on.
I'm SO much more qualified than a temp job!!!! Can I just put that out there?!!! I wish I could be working on outsourced grantwriting projects, or policy research, or assisting professors....LORD what I wouldn't give for something like that.

OK, onward.
January 2008 through the rest of my life- a large and oh-so-fun-to-doodle-on blank slate.

If I get hired in home-land-mother-country, that would be great.
If I get hired for small-US-regional company, that would be great.
If I move back to city-of-undergrad and find work singing a bit and working a bit, that would be great too.
If I move to KYOTO to be with my boy, be a tourist and see some Buddhist temples for a few months, that's great too (as long as I have the money of course!)


So. I've been back and forth every other day about how I feel about this. One day scared, another excited, another unprepared and wishing I did more auditions this year, another completely over the young artist/resident artist scene and starting to make a career for myself as a mainstage singer...and excited about it!

Today- excited.

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