29 April, 2007

Ah, sweet irony

**smiles** I won first place in the competition I did today.
Wheeee ;) Yay for fame, money, power---NO, it's not the behind the scenes E true Hollywood Story. It's just lil' old me singing' Lakme and a pretty Strauss Song--and now I may be able to pay for the 2 pairs of OH so cute flats and the 3 outfits that I had to buy to "go with them" this past weekend.

So relevant after posting about competitions in general. Although I suppose it was on my mind anyway.

In other "agented" non-news, that previous person-who-works-with-the-opera-company has forwarded my materials to person's colleague abroad, who wants to hear me when I'm there. Yay!

Person also dropped off my CD while person was visiting biggest-red-state-opera-with-prestigious-young-artist-program--kinda.
Which was very nice of this person--and that means that hopefully some time in the future I should make contact with, or I'll be hearing from head of said opera company regarding any feedback whatsoever.

Third company that person mentioned would be introduced to my music is Mid-Atlantic-Yap-Run-by-way-famous-singer-conductor. I'd go for that one any day--and I also MAY be singing for famous-singer-conductor, umm, earlier than expected, IF I find out that I made the quarter finals of his big ole international competition.

I haven't heard yet, and people HAVE heard No's. So I'm hoping I'm a YES! (knockity-knock on wood).

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