19 April, 2007

a week later...

I have my first day of rehearsal today. The show has already been in rehearsals for a week, but since I only come in during Act III and IV I have had PLENTY of time off, including my PLENTY of time off after Lakme. But do I know my part by heart yet? No, but before 4pm today I will!

I mean, I know it in that magical-I-didn't-ever-have-to-study-it,-but-somehow-it's-in-my-head -way.
And so I need to make sure that if the magic disappears that I can still call upon it and "know" it.

Just spend 450 MORE dollars on plane tickets for my upcoming competitions in May. Yes, these are the ones AFTER the NY ones which I'm driving across the country for.

I don't even want to know how much my credit card bills will be with the Europe trips, plus the recent Midwest audition plus the Southern/Midwest upcoming competition tickets.


At least I "have" it available in my savings account. If I didn't that would be another story.

And I'm being "peer pressured" into going to Australia again---this July, before special someone moves halfway across the world to finish his phd research.

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