29 January, 2009

zen and the art of....singing

I had a most relaxing day off today which included going to the beautiful beach with great big waves crashing over my head, playing Matkot (that's, I think paddle ball? with the two wooden racket thingies and the little black rubber ball?)..I only know the name for it in the other language from over on the Mediterranean, where I used to play it as a child,... and hanging out with some of the cast members for a few hours.

Being in the waves, under the waves, and letting my body just be pulled by nature---all brought about a pretty calming feeling of "everything is supposed to work out and be good in life...if you work to make it so".

I'm feeling pretty calm about things right now, even though it would be easy for me to be flustered and crazed.

What with no specific daily schedule for the next 5.5 weeks except that I'll be "somewhere in Europe, most likely Germany"...

No Eurail pass bought (yet)..still holding out between buying the totally unlimited one or the limited one (it's a 300 dollar difference so I SHOULD just buy the unlimited one....I THINK?)

No reservations made....anywhere....because I'm HOPING and wishing that I will be in places where I have singer and director friends to crash.

No guide books, no printouts of maps from google, no repertoire lists...

I have time to do that all (in my 4 days between the end of this production and leaving) right?

Well, I think so.
And I"m feeling very centered and good about going over there, presenting my repertoire which I truly love and would love the opportunity to perform...anywhere..., and seeing what happens.

4 more performances here...which are still going very well, are fun, and almost routine now- although there is always something new every night from props to costumes to new looks and near-laugh-out-loud moments just to keep us all on our toes.

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