19 January, 2009

667th post.

I have the day off today and had such high hopes for doing fun things.
Instead of sea kayaking (it's too cold and kind of overcast to be on the ocean right now), I decided to send out a zillion (yes, actually a zillion) emails.

Some in English, some in German, some in both, most with numerous attachments--regarding my impending wish to spend 6 weeks abroad in hopes of getting as many auditions as possible.

I began last night and continued this morning, going through the lists, sifting the people and places that I thought may have an interest in a person of my 'fach', and now I wait.

The difference is, now I think that I'm at a level in the US where I could request an audition from just about anywhere and have it granted. At least the hearing, of course not necessarily the hiring.

But in Europe first I have to get the agent to even hear me. And that's a no go if they have too many koloratursoprans in their roster, or if they know of no openings for the next year at houses.

I haven't bought the plane ticket yet, and even when I do, I'll certainly spend the extra 100 dollars to make sure that it's refundable, JUST in case I'm not as busy as I would hope to be.

But I really really hope that people start answering their emails!

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