14 January, 2009

in which the bloggy world gets a little smaller

Dinner with a current-colleague tonight reveals that we have both read the other singer's blog in the past year, and not known who the singer was!
Well, I COULD have since this singer isn't completely anonymous, but she was left to guess!
All was revealed over some brown rice, black beans, and chopped chicken--including the fact that our parents live about 10 minutes away from each other.
(We're trying to set up a blind date before the opening of the show!).
Mom, Dad- here is another set of mom and dad that have a singer for a daughter, Tawk amongst yourselves.

In a world where usually the extent of a relationship (in an opera 5.5 week rehearsal/performance situation) is usually- you're my new best facebook friend, it was nice to sit down to dinner, get to know someone, and talk about things like LIFE as a singer, and not just being a singer, or the show.

Sometimes people are just ok with being facebook friends and 'show-friends'- meaning, you hang out in rehearsals, you have some meals together during your time off for lunch or dinner, maybe you even go out on the town a few times during the production...and afterward the texts, fb messages and all communication otherwise dwindles--except for the obvious--omg, are you in NYC for auditions? We should totally hang!

But more often I like to keep in touch on a 'real' basis. Ok, yes, it MAY be through messaging on facebook, but HEY- I'm just not a phone person (except for the cool apps on my iphone), so my interweb-ninja self WILL be in touch, and hopefully it will be before we find out that we're cast in a production together in 2011 and have to do the awkward--omg, it's been soooo long, I should have been in better touch.

So, new blogger-buddy, and current-colleague, let's hope that we ARE both cast in something fabulous together in 2011 and that when we get there it'll be like no time passed at all!

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