26 January, 2009


I think the time has come in these 4 out of 5.5 weeks that I'll be here, where the lack of general sleep is catching up with me.
Last night I went to sleep at my 'normal' 3am-ish.
After watching what is turning out to be one of the greatest BBC miniseries that a friend of mine has introduced me to on netflix- the Forsyte Saga- until about 2:45am.

I KNEW I had to wake up early today to drive north. I knew that. Really.
But it didn't matter. I wasn't "tired".
Well, after waking up and feeling like death around 8am, sleeping until 8:40, rushing around, leaving without eating, stuffing a few pieces of sushi in my mouth around 11:30 before the coaching, singing the coaching (which went very well except I was feeling a bit vocally bla from everything, including 2 performances and dinners and hang-outs and opening night parties, etc), and driving back and wanting so badly to just crawl into bed, I held out until 10pm..because I knew if I took a nap, I'd wake up at midnight and be fresh as a daisy.

So. It's 10:08. I'm exhausted. And I ACTUALLY think that if I turned this little box of magical internetsss OFF right now, that I WOULD fall asleep.

Will I actually do that? Or find some amazing new website or blog or google-ninja path to follow for the evening?
Let's start by pressing "Publish Post", and see where that takes me.

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