20 January, 2009

First Costume/Makeup Dress rehearsal

Hurray! I didn't trip over MY dress, didn't trip over T's dress, didn't trip over C's dress, and overall, didn't fall on my butt tonight--first day in costumes and wigs and makeup.

Things went well for me tonight- I think I incorporated as many notes and changes as possible as I was directed to over the past week, and over all- I had FUN!

The photographer was there tonight so while we were trying to pay attention to the conductor and the piano we could hear the shutter flashing away. No flash though.
But of course hearing the click click click makes you think you're in a photo shoot---

"you're a MONKEY Derrick!"
--pose, and pose...Madonna, Madonna, Madonna-and Vogue.

At any rate, I was making sure that my wig wasn't slipping off of my head half of the time.
It was secure, but my hair is always so slippery and never holds anything, let alone a TWO foot tall wig with plastic FRUIT on it!

haha--it looks so amazing though.
I love the costumes in the show.

I think everyone is ready now.
Ready for the dress rehearsal with orchestra, ready to put this sucker in front of an audience--and we soon shall!

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