22 January, 2009

day off

We had our first full rehearsal with orchestra tonight, which always adds yet another level of energy/consciousness/newness to any performance.
The level that was stripped away was the costumes and makeup that we got last night (although I still had my crazy wig because it's heavy and we had to "practice" with them!).

Doing the show in jeans and character shoes just doesn't compare to last night with full dress, pantaloons, corset tops, etc. But it was still exciting to find new things--most recently a laugh that I've incorporated to the character, and also a new way to play with the fact that my wig is about as heavy as a 10 month old baby.

Ok, not THAT heavy, but still. I let it now dictate more of my movement, more of my leanings, and more of the way I carry myself.

Tomorrow- a full day off. It's been pretty freezing here so I don't get to take advantage of the weather and go to the beach.

I'm sure I could find SOMETHING to keep myself occupied--say, oh, memorizing UPCOMING-ROLE?!?!?!

That or shopping. Tough call.

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