15 January, 2009


Not that this will make sense to anyone but myself, but here goes, because I have to think about it and get it out of my head before I attempt to fall asleep tonight.

-slower down steps while C is dream-dancing
-hit C with boa
-Madonna pose on each "Don" "Ra"
-Butt at 3/4 on dad's aria
-Baby Throw- more disinterest
-Bigger Coat movement
-Papaaaaa(flower, smile to frown)
-Boobs, arms, fall, crawl
-Mi fa male (xDSL of T), mi fa MA (pull T)

Act II-
Kick/Fall earlier on BASti, and not because I"m angry.
Fall R of Ctr. for whiny recit- stay there.
It's raining on my head and messing up my hair ...ie, "It's raaaining, on prom niiight, my hair is a meeeessss, it's ruuuning all oooover my taffetta dreeeess".
OMG who is that--isn't that...wait, what?
Finale- not so far right, one step off stage then on.

First run-through-- as my good friend Borat would say---a great success...yesss...niiice, alaaaaaiiike.

Take 2 tomorrow.


Embly said...

I love this opera! It sounds like a super fun part to play.

Coloraturaaah said...

it's an awesomely fun time! :)