16 January, 2009

final room run

This evening is the last run that we have before we move to the theater to begin tech and last week before the show opens!
I slept like crap last night, but I still have 4 hours to get it together before tonight.

One of my goals for this evening is to try and put the whole show into an arc.
Right now my head is thinking.
Opening, fall with intention, don't forget the recit, split 1/4 on the poses, split C on the final poses, exit, and then look in my score for the next entrance and review that recit speed-style.

And not in any frazzled way...it's just compartmentalizing--what I do best as a Libra. Until I let the total passion of it take over--which, I'm hoping will happen tonight. And if not completely tonight, then I know it will be once we move to the theater.

It would be so much nicer if I could think of the entire character. Where I'm starting, where I'm ending up, and every growth and movement in between as a big pool--or rather, ocean (extended metaphor since I'm near one)- where a wave starts out a tiny ripple and by the end with wind and weather and both external influences and internal 'natural' process, it gets to the other shore and crashes triumphantly, only to seep back into it's original point of starting, but now--having changed, and experienced something new.

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