15 January, 2009

Notes 2

First. Note to self. No caffeine before runthrus!
Energy that is not naturally mine just doesn't work. I usually hate coffee but for some reasoni stopped at sb today
About an hour before rehearsal (where I am now-- yea iPhone)
I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls- on the inside. I'm focused but weirdly so.
Too much in my head too little in my body.
Things are both going in slow motion and passing me by too quickly at the same time

More notes- slower entrance. More vogue. Drop face on family portrait
Faster on all recit entrances
Motivate cross to d on high note and all the little 'oh's that build up to 'the' 'o'
Once more- face boobs turn out lean fall crawl
Slower and body burn on trill

One more quintet review and act ii notes and then I'll be left with only energy for the rest of the night
It may just be a legally blonde the musical kinda night around 2am again

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