08 January, 2009

act two already?

We've been in rehearsal for 5 days and all of act one is blocked already.
I think this show is a runner-up to the most physical show I've had to do (and who knows what's in store in Act II).

From the start I get to FAIL at ballet twirls, trip over things, fall down the stairs twice, fall while I curtsy, fall while I run, fall while I am angry, fall while I am amused...you get the picture.
I'm a klutz but at the same time I know the RULES of being graceful and try to achieve that as the older more cultured child.

So with Act I staged (and Act I finale staged...it's awesome), I have to say that I'm starting to feel the fun!

We are doing some repeating and plugging the chorus into the big scenes..and the more we repeat, the more opportunities I get to make what I'm doing feel impulsive, even though it has mostly been carefully "choreographed" at some places. I get to now find the motivation to make that choreography work.
Not just know that at measure 5 ON the downbeat we snap our heads left.
But find a reason for it and make it work.

Still on a pretty messed up sleep schedule, but otherwise I'm very much enjoying myself and will VERY SOON (really, now..) start to think about the upcoming things that I have to think about.

More on that and possibly being abroad for a number of weeks...another time.

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