12 January, 2009

pros and cons

Should I or shouldn't I?
After this production I"m going to have 6 weeks off.
The big question yet to be answered is will I go to Europe in hopes of doing auditions?

The issues:
Money, Timing, Probability that I'll get auditions/offers.
Money- don't have much of it now, but after this production I should have enough to finance the following:
Round trip to the cheapest city in Germany from NYC--maybe 600?
Unlimited Eurail Pass for a thousand smackers or so.
Audition fees, food, etc.
Housing: To be hopefully taken care of by GENEROUS friends and friends of friends.
Berlin- check, Leipzig- check, Hagen- check, Dusseldorf- check.
I'll totally youth hostel it up in any other places, or find cheap lodging as I always do and 'rough' it.
I THINK in total I would attempt to spend less than 3thou? I mean, the flight and Eurail alone would add up to close to 2.

I don't need to eat, right?

Ok, so that's money. I will have it.

Yes, it's a 'good' time to go, according to most. Second to fall audition season which coincides with the American audition season.

Probability that I"ll get auditions.
Now this is where it gets tricky...maybe...maybe I'm overthinking it.

I THINK that what I should do is what most people do-
1. Get out that big list of all agents in Europe, send them an email or snail mail BY February 1st, say I'm coming over there from X to X date, and will they hear me.
2. Get out that big list of houses. Send THEIR KBB office an email requesting a house audition. Wait and see.

What I have:
My resume and bio and cover letter translated into German.

What I don't have:
What I don't have, really, is the knowledge to deal with 'what if' situations. ie- I have engagements in the next year, and IF I do this and IF I get some offer, WILL I be able to negotiate releases or should I not do it at all because releases aren't granted
Do I say that I have upcoming engagements? Do I leave it all open? What looks better? What looks like I WOULD want to move there for a year, IF given the chance and IF also given that release in the next year?
Do I audition for "studio" programs simply because I'm age-eligible (under 30 or in some cases 28) even though I'm 'mainstage' here?
Do I audition for EVERYTHING and just see?

I'm usually a more compartmentalized type of person for this type of venture. And these lingering questions that no one can really answer because no one that I know is really in this exact same situation...are not making it any easier to make a decision.

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