24 January, 2009

final dress

Still waiting for my director to email me notes about tonight's performance, but I think tonight's dress went personally well--of course something NOT good did have to happen just so things wouldn't go perfectly, and my not good things were costume and wig related:

1. completely entangling myself in some lacy ruffle of the dress, which ripped and then dragged my left character shoe into while I was either :
a. climbing onto the table
b. falling off the chair onto the table or
c. swinging feet on the table

2. Hearing the pins as they slipped out of my wig and onto the stage as it teetered atop my head in addition to the the spirit gum which was also useless as I was sweating so ridiculously from running around in the first 20 minutes of the show.

Otherwise- I was actually vocally a bit tired, but I still tried to give it all, making sure I wasn't doing anything that I'd regret for opening tomorrow night.
I sang a lot already today (probably not the best idea, but I had to record some art songs for an upcoming competition), but hate to give less than what I can, especially during the last run with the orchestra.

We had an invited audience, and it's always interesting to see the things that get laughs...and we had everything from belly laughs to giggles to clapping in new places, which all of us adjusted well to (especially when you can figure out what key your recit begins in after an aria because you can't hear the harpsichord!)

I'm tired, and it's EARLY for me to be tired.
A few more emails, blogs, some facebook time, and then maybe I'll head to sleep.

Tomorrow is a light day- a late lunch with friends and then leisurely head over to the theater in the evening. MAYBE, just maybe, the beach in the morning, if the weather is cooperative.

I'm excited for what is a super-fun show to be involved with!

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