04 January, 2009


First staging rehearsal--well HELLO there character shoes, rehearsal skirts, boas, more boas, feathers, prancing about, and basically being a new person on stage..seeing that develop.

We have 2 lead mezzos double-cast, but the rest of the cast is single-cast, so it's fun to get to do everything one extra time, just to make SURE you know where that cross, fall, slap, or spin is.

It's always interesting to work with a new director, new conductor, new cast..and see how things are shaped.

Right now I'm enjoying figuring out how to make my character's desires strongest on stage, how to make sure I'm avoiding slapstick (the pitfall of many of this composer's comedies onstage), and also taking a trip down memory lane for how to be the oldest child...an older sister...with the perfect mix of mothering, teasing, and best friend all mixed in.

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