25 January, 2009

yayyyyy....it was the day of the show y'all!

Opening night---I had so much fun!

Things to remember:

-I ripped the dress a bit in both armholes- wow, my poses must be REALLY dramatic.

-At some point in the climb on the table scene a stray fork got stuck somewhere in the ruffles of my dress, and therefore in the fall OFF chair continuation of the scene, a fork went careening into the cello section. Thank the LORD it didn't hit any instrument or eye--apparently there were laughs in the orchestra, and the conductor didn't even realize it! Whew.

-I forgot ONE sigh. UGH.

It felt like I was in the moment, having fun, jumping around, concentrating, and loving what was going on at every second.

Bring on the matinee tomorrow!


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