21 January, 2009

it's official

For a grand total of $451 dollars (plus 20 bucks to the agency) I'll be flying nonstop to Berlin in a few weeks to spend 5.5 weeks auditioning.

Take THAT orbitz and airlineconsolidator and expedia and nwa and all the other sites I checked before calling up my 2nd cousin 3 times removed who works for a travel agency!!!

What do I have lined up so far?
Auditions for a few agents in some of the major cities, a competition or two, and still waiting to hear about house auditions.

What's my super secret hope?
Well, not only that I'll have a great time, get to travel, visit friends, remember my German, kick butt at auditions, etc. etc.- but that somehow what happened to me 2 years ago will happen again--that is, Einspring--- a last minute call from a friend of a friend of a friend who has a colleague that just got sick and is supposed to sing tomorrow night/tonight and have I done the role and how fast can I get to the theater?

It would be like- "heeeere I come to save the daaaaay"

Hey, it could happen!!

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