04 October, 2009

European Debut

Fun, Fun, Fun.
SHould I get into specific musical things alREADY? Well, this is a blog for my personal records, so sure, why not?
I liked EVERYTHING I did musically except for ONE thing.
I took one catch breath in the long Alle Bande phrase of the 2nd coloratura in the 2nd aria.
Yess....I recorded it sneakily w/my iphone because I have an entrance from the audience so I can hide the phone there right before the 2nd aria and come get it after Sarastro's aria. don't h8.

So. While I can hear it and it annoys me that I had to do it because suddenly today our conductor was inspired to take the triplet section three, yes, THREE ticks slower than the beginning of the coloratura section...I HAD to do it. There was no other choice. The aria was already kind of slow, and once I saw him slow the orchestra down to brace for that next section I knew that I would have to do it. So I chose as sneaky of a place as possible, took a tiny catch breath. And basta.

Otherwise, all the F's, all the arpeggios, all the german text, all the everything else that needed to happen--happened.

Very happy about the first performance, and looking forward to the rest of the run...minus the glitter left in my hair for days after each show.

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Victoria said...

Congratulations! I hope this marks the beginning of many more successful performances to come for you :D And holy hedgehog - that production DOES sound eurofab. Ohhh, germans <3