18 October, 2009

baby it's cold outside

It reached Zero two nights ago (C), and mostly the weather has been between 8-14 degrees here for the past few days.
Cold enough to be SO VERY thankful to my parents who sent me my POOFY WINTER JACKET that I love so much.

I bought it two years ago, it's one of those long Northface ones (yes, the one everyone has in black), except mine is WHITE!

Good thing about having a white jacket--you don't mistake your jacket for anyone else's.

Bad thing about having a white jacket--daily use will turn it gray and then black (mistaking it for others) in an extremely short period of time.
The nice Chinese man at my regular dry cleaner's in the US has cleaned the jacket 3 times. Each time he has to clean it at least 3 times. And after this last time, he said he won't clean it anymore because he can't guarantee that all stains from ...subways, streets, sleeping on it in airports, and other general uses for extremely warm jacket as a blanket, pillow and heater...can be removed.

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