25 October, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane (almost)...again.

10:30am flight arriving around 3pm US time on Tuesday and an audition wednesday at 4pm.
I'm usually good to go after flights anyway, but just to make sure, I WILL stay awake the entire flight...and maybe...hum lightly every hour or so...to make sure that crappy circulated air isn't getting to me. Ricola overload- that's a given.
Plus some emergenC, and I should be GOOD to GO--even if I had to sing on that same day.

There's no question I'll get a good night's sleep because jet lag will be working in my favor and I'll want to drop off around 8pm most likely.

If i can stretch it until 10, I'll be GOLDEN.

Plans, plans, and more plans...that I'm trying to fit into my literally 2.5 days in NYC and weekend upstate...
it will include shopping for things that I can't get cheaply in Germany (gladware- who knew?), bringing back a suitcase of winter clothes (well, actually I'm bringing my SUMMER clothes back to the US, so really, just changing places)...
and maybe maybe maybe even some more ..SHOES...
Oh how I have missed all of my shoes.

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