13 October, 2009

on the road again...almost

Have to fly back to the US for an audition next week, and then again for a few days in mid-November.

I know how much of a hassle traveling is already.
I know how to pack light, I know how to trick those scales at the check-in to make it seem like my bag really IS under 20 Kilos even though it is about to explode.
I know that when I have a connecting flight I have to be sitting in an aisle seat to get out of the plane on time.
I know which line is faster at Newark and JFK for security.
I know that even though I'm dead tired after an international flight, I should still try to run to the front of the Passport line so that I'm not stuck behind half of America who is also trying to enter the country legally.

I've dealt with all of this SO SO SO many times.
But EVERY time I actually have to book a flight, part of me inside screams. A lot.

It's not as easy as: Business trip from the 1st to the 6th. Find the cheapest flight.

It's ALWAYS: POSSIBLE audition on the 28th. MAYBE something else will come along too.
So--how can I buy a ticket early?
I can't.
Unless I am willing to pay 300-500 dollars extra for a refundable ticket, OR just 30 dollars extra for "insurance" with orbitz, but EVEN that insurance doesn't cover the cost of changing the ticket.
All it does is let me "skip" the flights completely without "penalty", and be able to use that money toward the purchase of another flight (plus the 150 dollar fee to change the ticket plus the 30 dollar airline fee).

So of course yesterday I look up my POSSIBLE flight plans for next week as well as november.
538! A STEAL (although I've flown for 440, ONCE, most of my flights are between 490-540).
Leaving on the right day, coming back on the right day, and DIRECT!
And it wasn't even on India Air (although, don't knock it til you've tried it- it's actually quite awesome!)!!
It was on DELTA! via Air France, my snooty neighbors to the West.

So- my thoughts on Monday---
Should I get the ticket? Hmm... is there a chance I'll be called for a cancellation of Flute if the OTHER queen gets sick? (check it out, no performances of flute during that time)...
Should I get the ticket? hmm...maybe I'll wait one more day and see if...see if...
there was NO GOOD REASON for me not to buy the ticket yesterday!

when I logged into orbitz today.
LESS than 24 hours after yesterday's search,
the flight is no longer available.
Neither on orbitz, or delta, or air france.
Now- it's 1500!! Yes, joy to the world!

But what IS available for 562?
Well, it's the SAME departing flight (nonstop), and a flight back that goes from LGA to ATL (yes, that's atlanta), with 2.5 hour layover and then the flight to Frankfurt.
About 16 hours including an overnight flight.

So with a smack to my forehead and my credit card out, I bought that flight immediately.

Ok, a 20 dollar difference, and still a nonstop flight on the way IN which is what I really care about.

But really. There HAS to be a better system than the insanity of online ticket purchasing for poor artists that have open-ended travel dates!!!

As SOON as I have ANY clue about the dates I need to travel in November, my ticket WILL be booked. Immediately.

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