30 October, 2009

onward and upward

Well, I can't quite say that things have remained in the doldrums. Just the opposite--things seem to be moving faster and faster...and only in good directions (knock on wood 3 times).

Something quite good came out of previous-audition...and the timing couldn't be more perfect in terms of things in my personal life that are being planned for the late summer/early fall...

A new project has also been approved for a release during an upcoming production...and if the music looks good (it's being shipped overseas as I write), that could be a really interesting three days--- of new modern music with new talented colleagues.

And perhaps most importantly, a huge huge huge opportunity is coming my way. One that I am excited about not only because of the "Who" of who I'll be singing for...but also because it's a piece of music that I was 'google-ninja-ing' over 4 years ago and is finally coming into, well, I can't quite say 'standard' rep, but it is being done more than ONCE in North America and the rest of the world this year.

While the music is some of the most challenging I have had to learn both in temperament and vocally...I am up for the challenge. I think that breaking it down into small blocks of study per day is how I'll approach this one.

First aria- done and done. 2 pages of crazy high, crazy low, and in general- crazy/cool.

Second aria- New as of three days ago, but I like it because it's crazy/creepy, and I memorized the words today, and some of the "blocks" of melody--for lack of a better music theory term...since it's certainly not atonal..it's kind of modal...but...who knows what these contemporary guys are calling it these days.

And I'm also toying with being MORE prepared by learning either one OR two other 1.5 page mini-excerpts. Just to show that I can do it...and do it all really well.

Flying back over the pond on Sunday and can't wait for 2 weeks of studying, auditioning, and performing.
Busy is good.
In a good way.

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