11 October, 2009

show #2 and a happy bday

Friday night was the 2nd performance of Flute. As I arrived at the theater early to warm up, get my hair and makeup done, and I remained seemingly calm and uninvolved in the usual storm of thoughts rushing through my head before any show in America, I realized why- first, I just had a week off between performances. And second, no one around me was crazy either.
Things here just seem calmer for most singers...whether that is because of the Fest system and the fact that this is their JOB- to show up and sing a good show. To come every day to rehearsal. To rehearse Rigoletto from 11-3 and come back for Flute at 6pm...maybe.
Or, whether it is because the shows are in repertory and you can't let one thing get to your head so much when you also have a big day tomorrow, and had a big day yesterday...

I don't know...but, everyone was excited but not too excited. They were all happy to be doing what they loved, but they were also just living their life. Their life, being, singers who have a job to do on a Friday night at 7pm.

So I warmed up, got ready, and did my job.
I'm really happy with both arias, how the show is going generally (except for the annoying crown that always falls off my head or feels like it's about to as well as my huge act 2 costume that makes it nearly impossible to fit through a door frame or sit comfortably).

And to top it all off, I'm having a great bday weekend. One year older, but it doesn't feel that way at all.
Sure, it's a number. But I'm having fun and I feel great.

Show number three this Friday.

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