30 December, 2008

lil' resolutions

I know it's not New Year's eve yet, but it's that time of year, when I get to think for a SECOND time about things that I want to change in the new year.
First I get it every Tishrei (usually September or October) and now again on the First.

It's easy to say you want to change things, and quite a bit harder to follow through. So why don't I start with the really little things that I think I can do--

1. Try to write...for FIVE minutes a day...about anything. Every. Day. (This of course requires going to Barnes and Noble and picking out a cool notebook to do said writing in). This is something I began last year around New Years as well. And I have the month or so that I was doing it to prove it..however last year I was trying to do artist pages...and that's more than 5 minutes. That's a minimum of 3 pages. Too long. Too messy (handwriting, that is). How about 5 minutes. Anything. My dream. What I'm going to do that day. A haiku so at least my brain tries to work a little more in the morning.

2. EVEN though I'm a devoted iLifer, REALLY try to limit my online checking of the mail, the facebook, the other mail, the nfcs, and the other time-sucking websites that I visit per day. This includes pressing the pretty button on the iphone that forwards my mail to me. And it also includes playing WordWarp on my iphone.

3. As prescribed by seemingly everyone these days: 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week. At least.

Those are three things that I can do! And one only takes 5 minutes ,and the other actually gives me MORE time in the day--to make time for the third.

Now to the longer term.
Doesn't it seem like whenever you are about to get busy with work and life that you want to do EVERYTHING else that's coming up as well?
Of course I'm about to leave for a gig which means daily rehearsals, one day off, 6 weeks of work, new opera, new character, new colleagues, new thoughts..and what do I want to do?
Open Next-score, summer-score1 and summer-score2, NEXT YEAR-score, and learn them ALL right now!
And added to that, revamp my consulting website so that next time I live in NYC I get to do it on my OWN terms.

Ok, I'll have to think of a long term list, but for now, I'll get to number 2- using the computer for time-sucking-activities less.

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