08 December, 2008

it's been so. long.

Ok, it's not even funny how long it's been since my last visit to the gym.
First the busted ankle, then two weeks of starting to train again, then two weeks of being too sick to get out of bed, then Thanksgiving, then auditions all last week, and now- it's Monday.

Re-motivating for the gym is the WORST!
For example:
1. IF I get my clothes on in 15 minutes, I could watch Oprah OR Law and Order at 4pm at the gym.
Yet, here I sit, checking my email, facebook, and watching the CURRENT episode of Law and Order (which I happen to not have seen---or, not remember seeing)...and the minutes inch towards 4pm. 14 left now.

2. Of course, the gym is 4 blocks and one avenue away.
And do you KNOW how cold it is outside?
How cold it will be for that entire 5 minute power-walk to central park west?
It was sooooo coooooold when I got home an hour ago. I couldn't even talk on my phone because my hands got too cold.
Who wants to go out in the cold? again?

3. I just ate some vegetables and rice. Am I going to feel bad at the gym if I go?
Should I have some protein? I ran out of emergen-C..and I need some flavored water for the gym.

4. My ankle is still kind of acting up.

So many excuses. So little time.
12 minutes to go.

decisions, decisions.

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