03 January, 2009

rehearsal day one

Ok, I didn't mess up the directions to the rehearsal space, I didn't crash my rental car into someone else on the highway while cautiously getting two lanes over for a quick exit that I didn't realize was coming up (and no one crashed into me), I dressed up appropriately (audition attire), heels, warmed up, didn't forget my score, didn't forget my pencil, didn't forget to have SOME breakfast, and voila- rehearsal day one can begin.

I met all of the cast besides one, conductor, director, opera staff--I THINK I have all of the names down, and we were off.
Music rehearsal number one- a sing-through.
Today was a bit more specific than a sing-through though--with specific thoughts about line and direction and interpretation ... input on tempi and finales, etc...to put everything together before we take it apart in our blocking.

It was really helpful, but also really tiring--to do that kind of work on a piece that you're just meeting for the first time- with seven other new people around you- trying to work as an ensemble.

But from what I can tell--this is going to be a terrific show.
I really like everyone's attitudes, the smiles (could have something to do with the BEAUTIFUL weather here), and the fun that I think we're all going to have to put this together.

Off to a good start. Now to end the day with a bedtime earlier than 3am would be nice.

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