17 December, 2008

kind of done! (kinda)

Last audition of the FALL season went really well...I say fall because I'm already being scheduled for possible audition in January, and well, that would be winter, now wouldn't it.
Oh- so maybe last audition of 2008?

The breakdown:
(Since Aug.15)
Total: 22
16: Mainstage
The rest (I don't do math unless absolutely necessary): Young Artist of SOME sort

I'm not going to do the 07-08 and 08-09 comparison right now, but all in all, I think it was a good season of singing for me--considering that MANY singers did not get MANY mainstage auditions.

I think there are 3-5 companies, MAYBE, that I knew were in town that I wasn't singing for- either because of repertoire or just plain because.

What do I think?
Honesty now. It's the best policy.
21 out of 22 auditions I was extremely extremely satisfied/happy/excited with my performance.
1 (due to illness, that I should have canceled), I was extremely NOT satisfied with my performance.

My stats for starting aria: Mostly Durch, Sometimes Chacun, Once Zerbinetta, Once Fee, and overwhelmingly the 2nd piece choice was:
Young artist programs chose Rossini
Mainstage chose anything that was relevant in their upcoming season (English/Britten--no Glitter not even ONCE) :(

What do I do now?
Try not to think about it.
Wait some more.
Try NOT to email to ask questions about my status.
Wait some more.
When I hear, I'll hear. And in the meantime, I will think patiently about the fact that my 'job' is finished, and now it is someone else's 'job' to push for me, sell the goods, and remind those nice people after their Christmas and New Year's break how much they loved me at my audition...and how since I'm still young they can get a GREAT deal on me! hahaha.

Will Sing For Chocolate. Yummm!

Oh yea, still haven't written that economic crisis/singing business entry yet.
It's coming. Really.

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