22 December, 2008


I can't believe I'm packing up my nyc apt.!
I didn't bring much in the first place because I knew I'd only be here for just under 6 months.
But somehow I've amassed 5 more pairs of shoes/boots, anywhere between 10-20 new outfits from either the stores right outside my door that are just too cute to pass up (on sale of course), or when desperate times called for desperate measures- Strawberries and Century 21. OH yea.
More funky jewelry from the craft fairs and flea markets on saturdays and sundays, more music and photocopies of arias lying around for each time that I thought- I swear I have that aria, scoured the piles of paper, didn't find it, and had to go to NYPAL to make another photocopy of it..only to find it...in some binder where it definitely shouldn't be.

So what am I aiming for again?
Same as always.
One checked piece, one carry-on. And I'll have to take a garment bag this time because apparently the two opening night parties (2 locations) are black tie. Can we say junior year prom dress? It has served me SO well: Jr. Year, Recital, Philharmonic debut, and many many more events--where- HEY- it's NEW to YOU!

For now, I'm trying to sort through my summer clothes and remember which ones I like, which ones I still own but haven't worn in at least two summers (and avoid packing those EVEN though I'll try to convince myself that THIS time I'll wear them), and at the same time, leave out enough winter clothes to get through the next 10 days!!!

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