06 December, 2008


Had a lesson yesterday where once again, through some concentration on another part of the body---back, shoulders, ribs, core, etc., I achieved the 'stereo' sound of up and back versus the 'mono' sound of out and over.
Out and over works fine and sounds fine, but is produced with less support and more muscling in the larynx.
Up and back ..well...it sounds like NOTHING to me, but on the recording, it sounds pretty awesome.

I sang through two pieces yesterday that are not part of my 'normal' audition repertoire--although they've been in my repertoire for a very, very, long time.

Deh Vieni and Caro Nome.
Why not sing some low Italian every once in a while?

And they both felt and sounded like they never have before.

Let's do that again!

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