04 May, 2008

my first Barbiere

Yes, the time stamp is correct. 2:13am.
This has been one crazy week of dress rehearsals and performances, and I think that I am all the better performer, singer, and just normal person for it.
It was rough. The travel was crazy. The times were not the most convenient for rehearsing, warming up, and having to be really 'on' when called upon.
I did it.

Tonight I opened with a brand new character and loved every second of it.
I refocused during the car ride back (3 hours plus some heavy fog which made me a bit tense..enough to have to use the flasher lights while driving 40 mph instead of the normal 75...
Went through the recits in my head.
Went through the show order.
Hummed a bit, but knew that I was too tired to really warm up.
Rested for about an hour (meaning, checked my email and other online escapades).
Took a long shower and vocalized a bit.
Was still feeling lethargic when I showed up to the theater, but as soon as I was in makeup and hair suddenly I was psyched.
Psyched in a comfortable way. I mean, really. I have lived in this long enough. It's not a crazy concert where you have one rehearsal, one dress, and then the performance.
It's been 4 intense weeks of every day for 6 hours, doing, watching, perfecting, living in this new girl's body and her three gorgeous dresses, numerous fans, and updos!

I felt that tonight was really successful.
Bottom line- I just had fun. And a lot of it. This is a role where I don't feel like the entire show is riding on my shoulders. I have one of the two or three showpiece arias, yes, but it's not up to me to carry the show like you have to do when it's a Lakme or a Lucia... It's an ensemble show, we had the comic timing tonight, we had fun, we laughed, we deceived, we ranted and raved, and ran around the stage, and we did it together with a seamlessness that really brought some amazing energy to the singers onstage and off.

Wow. I really can't believe that it's over.
I mean, I get to do it again...but still. This is what this past month has been leading up to. These two performances, back to back, and then...and now...
now I have a month to learn the next role! EEEEK (haven't SO much looked at it this past month..I tried, really I did..but, there is plenty of time. Really. I'll just keep telling myself that).

Off to slumberland and hopefully sleeping in VERY late tomorrow!

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