11 May, 2008

closing night

Note to self- it turns out I CAN eat something besides a banana and three cheerios on performance days.
I was so so hungry around 6pm today after a 3 hour drive to the 'new venue' that we performed in tonight, that I had a juicy slice of cheesy pizza.

Dairy, carbs, the lot.

It was delicious.

Show opened at 8 and I didn't feel too full or anything! New preshow routine? haha..I HOPE not. Or else there's a good chance I won't fit my costumes by closing.

This evening went SO well. I felt nothing but comfortable, again, and I was happy that special family and friends could be there to see me (some to see me perform opera for the first time).

After the show, I was starving again, (of course) so I returned to the local pizza place for 2 more slices (yea, I roll like that).
It was almost midnight and the owner saw my flower bouquets and asked me what place was open around here this late that sold flowers.
I said that he could have them if he had just sung in the opera (jokingly of course) and he said that he hadn't had time to buy his wife anything for mother's day.
SO I handed one of my bouquets over and really made his night.
He even gave me a free Fanta in return.

But it was lovely to see someone so happy about..well, not getting in trouble for mother's day the next day! :)

It's way too late to write anything else, so maybe I'll fill in some details tomorrow.

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Susan said...

I linked to this post in one of mine, about eating pizza... :)