19 September, 2007

reasons I should be an agent (and singer)

I recently composed a few emails for some of my friends, with text of how they should present themselves as an unmanaged singer to an opera company that may or may not be having auditions in New York this season.
It was a mass type of email, but each one needed the name of the artistic administrator filled in, plus the tailored opera company name in the first and the last line. Nothing too hard, and you can basically cut and paste however many times you want to send it out.

After googling the emails of the admins (don't write the Directors for such a silly inquiry as to whether or not they're having auditions in NYC), I had them send out the emails, and out of about 40 inquiries most all wrote back with the correct information- whether the company accepted materials, whether they would be hearing singers in NY, whether they would have later auditions at their home location.

The BEST part of the responses to these emails, is that FOUR companies wrote back saying something like "please send us your singers' materials and let us know which day you would prefer them to be scheduled and we will get back to you as soon as possible".
HAHAHA! That means they thought that I was the agent- writing to find where and when the auditions were, so that I could submit my singers!

Now, not to get all inflated and self-congratulatory, I already know that I have skillzzzz for the business of this world. It was just really amusing to get responses like this AND it got me thinking.

Why COULDN'T singers/I do this in some form?
Ok- just hear/read me out.

You think of a catchy name that has to do with music (not your last name obviously).
You buy another cell phone line. You use your mom's maiden name as the agency contact (which is really you, the agent and singer), you get some of your talented friends together, rewrite their bios and resumes so they are formatted similarly, get a POBox for post correspondence, and voila!
I know, I know. It's about the contact. People have to know who you are before they want to hear your singers.
BUT- what smaller opera company wouldn't hear a new agent's singers- at least the first year?
You have to make sure they are good, of course.
But if all of the singers ARE good and rock their audition, and are young and motivated and ready to be hired and can actually do the gig---that would be SO awesome!
Everything is done via email anyway.
So. At the beginning of each season to send out hard copy mailings introducing yourself as a new agent, who represents these singers.
Then you find out when the auditions are, and send out an email to the admin. requesting times for your singers to be considered for roles in their upcoming season.
Then you do the audition (and the agent doesn't come with them...duh- cuz it's you!)
Then you follow up. And follow up. And follow up.
And then you wait and see.
And if your singer friends were good enough- maybe you've just begun an agency.

So fun.

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go for it- why not??