25 September, 2007

2:20am show day/night/whatever

Yes, still can't sleep. This schedule must stop.

I was feeling tired around 10:30pm today (after doing NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING besides things on the computer between 11am-3pm...while lying snuggly in my bed), and thought to myself- why am I tired at 10:30pm? That's LAME- I should at least stay up until 12 seeing as how the only thing I've done is practice today.
I mean, sure that was productive.
Yay practicing.
I got the finale and the quartet finally memorized so now everything for next-show is ready.

Oh yea, and I updated my website with the two sweeeet reviews that the show got.
So. In conclusion- I practiced, did more things on the websssies, walked outside for about 30 minutes before a torrential downpour began, went to dinner with a guild member and schmoozed (with an amazing cream of mushroom soup and a grilled chicken with pecan and chevre salad ...((heaven)) for dinner), and then came back to the apt. for more online-ing.

There is SO much to read when I don't stop myself from just the leading articles in the Times and Spiegel and BBC. ARRGHH.. and that is why it's 2:23 and I'm still awake.

With a show tomorrow/today/in about 17 hours.

I think because the weather has changed back and forth from cold to 80 degrees to torrential rains and humid to really cold again, my allergies are going a bit crazy.
I've never had allergy problems before (I think). Each time I feel like I'm about to get sick it's that scratchy throat feeling and then a dry cough which turns into some crazy bronchial thing and I know I can NOT get to that third stage by downing Emergen-C, ricola, not singing, staying in bed, and taking very careful care of myself for 2 days.

But this is different. I wake up feeling like I've been run over by a truck. Or a moose. Or something large and painful. My eyes are red, my throat is tight, and sure, I can start singing right there and then, but the lingering headache doesn't really get better that way either.

So I think it's allergies because my eyes are also red. Or lack of sleep???? But I DO sleep a lot, it's just at horribly weird hours.
Too bad! I'm not going to take anything. I hate every medicine except for the tiny red sugar coated advils and chewable Flinstone's vitamins (of which I prefer getting a grape flavoured Barney over those nasty orange ones, but I think there's a conspiracy to package more of the yucky orange ones in the bottle).

The voice was fine today when I went to practice. I shall be fine today/tomorrow for the show and the rest of the run. I'll just continue to down water and Naked green machine juices (SO GOOD!), and all shall be once again good.

g'nite eventually.

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