01 December, 2006

today in ny

Today may have been the nastiest weather I've ever experienced in New York City---and I'm talking more horrid than snowstorms of last year and the year before, torrential rains of early november, everything.

It rained in the morning and then got really muggy and disgusting. My feeling of general nastiness may have been added to due to the fact that I was lugging my extremely heavy carry -on bag with a week's worth of clothing plus my laptop packed inside it around the city- and ALSO since TWO cabs elected NOT to drive me the ten blocks in "drizzle" with said big bags, so I had to WALK (and sweat) to my lesson and to my callback today, with not so much time as I'd like in between those two events.

Basically by the time I arrived at NOLA and dealing with the dreaded hallway of hell, I was sweating with my jacked just an added bonus for something in my hand to carry in addition to the plastic bags holding nice shoes and boots for later, big black hole bag with music that weighs too much on my shoulder, and extremely heavy carry-on. AHHH!
So, I go into the TINY TINY TINY bathroom where one of the doors on the toilet doesn't work and the other toilet is...unmentionable... and try to change while NOT putting anything that I own anywhere near all of the other germs that have been brought into there by sick singers and general nastiness all week, and having my bare feet not touch the floor (this is an art, btw).

I get ready in time, attempt to fix my makeup which is now affixed to my face with a glistening layer of sweat, try to froof my hair, get the stuck pieces off of my neck, and do a lip trill or two before going into the room.

And then the singing.
It was still fine. But not as fine as I want it to be.
Durch Z. and Als ein Gott (yea, these people love Ariadne I guess).
The notes were all there.
The artistry? Umm, sure- I made an attempt.
The acting? Yea, but it wasn't organic this time. It was me realizing that I am making this sound good and look good.
So, in summary, good, better than BAD, no mistakes, but not as great as I could be.

Now the waiting game begins.

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