13 December, 2006

A year too old...

Wow, for all of the "I'm not 29 and managed" posts that I've delved into over the past months, here's a new one: I'm too old! By one year!!!

Wolf Trap has just announced their "WTOpera Studio" which will target those singers in their last two years of undergrad or first year of grad school.

This sounds exactly like what young singers need. NOT to shell out five thousand dollars and get four weeks of study in Italy and shabbily planned and costumed opera scenes with piano, but instead be PAID to perfect their craft- studying language, diction, movement, acting, getting coached, as well as the opportunity to perform bit parts in the mainstage summer at Wolf Trap.

I will say that I won't be the one to post this on NFCS, although I'm sure it will eventually find its way over there- if only to spare Ms. Witman and her staff the HUGE piles of applications from singers who are both appropriate, and probably past the cutoff experience-wise, school-wise, and age-wise for the program- yet still want a chance to be associated with WTOC for the summer.

More thoughts on this kind of program later, but it's really quite exciting for those who will have the opportunity to participate.


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