17 December, 2006


A. I haven't read this much about La Scala since I was actually living 20 minutes away from the hallowed house (the season that it was closing for renovations) and studying Italian and music there. I don't have much to add about the controversy/low blood sugar/booers/firing/possible re-hiring/third cover in jeans, but I will say that it's been fun reading new blogs like Operachic, and old blogs that are all commenting about the hullabaloo.

B. Since I wasn't home for the weekend, no forwarded mail check yet. Last-year-yap and I might be on a 'break' as of tomorrow's POBox news.

C. I think I just took the first step toward developing a professional website (not one that I wrote the html to and laid out on yahoo.com, but one that is developed and designed by a person whose job it is to do so). Well, at least paying for one.

D. Have been procrastinating at writing out happy holiday cards to--just about everyone this year...especially the "thank you for hearing me/this is what I'm up to/remember me/can you hire me in a few years/btw Merry Xmas cards. Are emails completely inappropriate for this? Arrghhh..I haven't handwritten anything in such a long time.

E. Thinking more seriously about a business plan that I may be starting as a service for singers. Not consulting like Cindy S. necessarily- I don't really need to comment on the voice. But from the business side, I do have know-how and experience, this I have been told and know. And I enjoy it. Coming up with a 5 year plan and backup plan and backup backup plan for auditions, tours, self promotion, grantwriting, resume, bio, reviews, cover letter writing, etc.
Basically everything you can do for YOURSELF until you are at the point where you may be ready for management, or are already getting repeatedly asked to work in places enough to make a career out of it.

I need a catchy name for it though. And then to plan that website as well.

That's all for now.

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