03 December, 2006


Just in case I forget or question that this is really what I want to do with my life at some point again in the future- feedback from a recent mainstage audition:

"You have a wonderful performance quality to your auditions that many do not. I was sorry that we don't have an Ariadne scheduled because you would be perfect. You are prepared, you sing very well, you are an engaging actress and your German is darned near perfect."

And here I thought I was having not the best vocal/dramatic day (see post below).

I guess I "brought it" anyway.

And let's get on that Ariadne scheduling! I've been practicing tumbles and dancing WHILE singing the extended 1912 version of Zerbie's aria.

Nothing else to report except that I bought a GORGEOUS dress at BCBG outlet today and am having it tailored (shortened, as always, and it was a bit TOO sexy in the plunge to be acceptable for my upcoming concert, so am getting that tacked up), and it will be ready tomorrow for me to go out again and buy accesories and play with my hair for the rest of the week deciding which style looks best with it!
Ooooh, it's so pretty. It's a deep wine color and pretty much skin tight at the top and then a bit of a flare at the bottom with a sash of satin wine red around a high empire waist, the straps are twisted at the shoulder and as mentioned before the bust PLUNGES, but will be up 2.5 inches as of tomorrow at 10:30am!

130 bucks on sale. And hopefully the tailoring will not be more than 40- alltogether not too harsh a price to pay for a dress that I absolutely adore.

Even if I decide it's on the "trop" sexy side for the concert and end up wearing my backup light blue strapless gown, this dress is coming on my cruise in 3 weeks!


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Gregory said...

This is great feedback! Welcome to my world, however.

"We love your voice. You are technically 'on it' but we're not staging any handel/monteverdi/early mozart in the next few seasons."