29 March, 2010

the whole she-bang

On Thursday I 'sang sang' (yes, this is a word in my vocabulary) through it all. All of Lucia. Opened cuts. Finales with chorus, everything that I will have to sing in approximately 2 months. It felt- GOOD. Actually, really good. What I DID notice was that after that whole thing, you know, trying to be dramatic and all with my singing, even though I was practicing in front of a mirror in my living room and checking my pitch every once in a while with my electric piano, I was vocally- in my speaking voice, not able to speak in the low range without some kind of vocal fry-esque kind of sounds coming out. Singing, I could have kept going and sung all of the rest of my audition repertoire if I wanted to.
Weird, right?
What I THINK that means is that singing Lucia for three hours and then attempting to have dinner conversation might not be the best of ideas.
When I have to do this in 2 months, I have a Saturday/Sunday combination for the performances.
It's not scary or horrible..it's just something I have to really really think about.
Saving up my actual speaking voice on Saturday (sorry family who is flying in to visit me)..., singing the crap out of it Saturday night, shutting UP immediately, and waking up the next day for the Sunday matinee.

Eventually, before I leave in a few weeks, I want to be practicing this every day. To make sure my voice is used to singing the whole thing one day after the other. Something like- sing it all Monday, sing it all Wednesday, and then Thursday.
Then relax until Sunday or something with some slight warm-ups in between.

Hopefully that will happen.
I also now have 20 days to eat a bit healthier and see if I can shed a kilo or two before the dreaded second to last wedding dress fitting. Wow, has chocolate gotten the better of me here this time around. Oh yea, and croissants and pain au chocolats in France. D'OH!

Ok, ok, well it's passover anyway, so that at least means I can't eat bread for a week! Maybe that will do the trick alone!

Back to waiting for my Matzoh balls to cook.

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