03 March, 2010


Notes from coachings 2 and 3:
Get away from the rhythm that is marked. Especially in the recits.
Give the conductor the clear upbeat, but other than that- say the WORDS not the rhythm.
Use the coperto (covered) 'oh' to start the phrases that sit in the upper passagio, then bloom on them.
Make the regnava scary and not pretty- vocally.
Feel the tension of the chromatic slides in between verse A/B.

Yesterday working with a new coach, I got that 'yea, i can totally DO this' feeling--which, hadn't really gotten very much. Everyone is so quick to say- Oh, Lucia, yea- lyric voice but has to have the great high note extension. Oh yea, full lyric. Yes, warm sound, etc.
But yesterday there was NO mention of the 'other' voices that "should" be singing this role.
It was - yes, beautiful. Yes, nicely shaped. Yes, yes, yes.

It's not that I need to hear only positive things. But when you swim in a sea of 'lucias are lyrics' and feel like you have to 'justify' the fact that you CAN sing this stuff, it's refreshing to hear someone that has zero problem with me and my voice singing it.

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