06 March, 2010

QOTN#7 or so....

Last night I had a performance of Zauberfloete- after about 3 months off!
Oh, German repertory rotation system, how I love thee.
I was not nervous about the singing at all...BUT I had to make sure that I went over the text to the dialogue AND scenes in my head before each entrance!
I mean, three months off and something is bound to trip you up.
We also had a new conductor last night (an asst. conductor), but even with the heightened 'newness' of it all, the show was really great.
There was about one and a half seconds where the blinding lights mixed with new conducting pattern threw me off--during the first aria. But I quickly made up for being a milisecond behind for that 1.5 seconds by nailing the rest of it, and delivering what I think was one of my best Der Hoelle Rache's yet.
So I'm happy with the performance- added bonus- Intendant was there, and he remembered the nice note I wrote to him at the end of 2009 to thank him for the opportunity to sing there, and also, our director is up for some kind of award for this K.razy 'konzept' staging, so some reporters were there to take little video clips and see what it was all about.

Weekend of relaxation ahead.

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