31 March, 2010

the downturn finally also hits home

Yesterday I found out that upcoming-show2, which was supposed to be sung in 2009 but postponed due to budgetary reasons, which was then changed to a 'concert' performance, is now, officially, cancelled.

First off, yes that is a major bummer.
The role is SUPER fun, I was excited to sing it again, and it was something that I was really looking forward to in terms of location, weather, family, and friends that would get to see the show- and singing with a new company.

But second off, and to look at the bigger picture, the economy is still suffering and the arts are especially in trouble.
If the MET has to rely on anonymous donations of 30 million dollars to help boost their budget and future plans, how can a small regional company with loyal audiences but not nearly the budget of this other big company even compete?

My first reaction was of course disappointment.
My second reaction was- what's next.
What can I substitute in the three to four weeks that will take the place of this previous schedule...and can it be musical?

There are one or two festivals that I had been in touch with previously..small European things in the woods, you know, on some mountain top resort...that were doing Die Zauberfloete for the summer. Maybe add a few performances of Koenigin from current-production- which has already been notified that I will be away until the end of June.

I actually remember my audition for this show quite well.
The place: NOLA
The scene: a crowded mess of singers - but at least the weather was ok that day.
The circumstances- everyone that walked in the door was singing the same french aria, FROM the show. So- how to make mine different?
Why- add a high G into the first cadenza, of course! Which I did...which made the director look up and smile...which made the rest of my day.
I remember walking out of there knowing that I did something different and good. With no expectations other than that. I just was happy with the performance, and had fun--since it was my 'starter' aria anyway that year, and I was really enjoying myself at the audition.

Now, this entry is not to complain at all. After all, one of my colleagues had about FOUR to FIVE shows cancelled on her in the past 2 years that I know of-- and she just made her Met debut. So.
Patience, good thoughts, and hopefully something positive will come from all of this eventually.

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